Mike and Michelle B.

Angie, Brady & Avery
January 15, 2018
Chuck S
January 18, 2018

Our house had been on the market nearly three years. During that time, we contracted with several different agents from the largest real estate companies in the region, but with no success. After taking the house off the market for a time, we were contacted by Greg. Greg felt he had some insight into the market, and was familiar with the area in which our house was located. In particular, Greg had been heavily involved in the flood mitigation efforts of our neighborhood, and he felt it was wise to market the house with that in mind.

During the time we were listed with Greg, he was tireless. He did an initial inspection, and made suggestions on how we could make the property more attractive. When he discovered minor problems, he often took care of them himself. For the few larger problems, he was able to contact the appropriate person to do the work at a reasonable price. Greg regularly kept us apprised of the traffic at our house, and the progress of his efforts.

Greg was able to sell our house for a very acceptable price within a very short time. He assisted us in every aspect of the sale, right up to the time of closing. Even at closing, Greg made sure that our interests were being looked out for.

We have no hesitation in recommending Greg as a real estate agent. We feel he served us way above and beyond what other agents were willing to do.

Mike and Michelle B.